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Top Warning Signs of
Potential California Employment Law Violations
(in the Landlord-Resident Manager Context)

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Rent for the manager's unit exceeds $734.21.

Landlord is not supplying the manager with a pay stub on a bi-monthly basis.

Landlord debits manager's wages against rent owed without an existing written agreement.

Landlord is not maintaining a record of the manager's hours worked.

Landlord is 1099'ing the manager instead of utilizing a W2.

In Los Angeles, the landlord is not paying at least $15 per hour worked to the manager.

Landlord compensates manager based on a fixed salary.

Manager's unit is not "adequate, decent, and sanitary".

Landlord is not paying wage-related employer taxes.

Landlord only compensates manager by free or reduced rent without a written agreement.

Landlord does not maintain worker's compensation insurance.

Landlord does not reimburse manager for out-of-pocket expenses incurred.

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