Wage and Hour, Discrimination, Harassment and Hostile Work Environment, Wrongful Termination

The firm acts as plaintiff's counsel in a wide breath of labor and employment litigation matters, which we often take on a contingency basis (no cost to the client unless we recover via settlement or judgment collection).  These cases include matters associated with an employer's failure to pay overtime wages, misclassification of employees as exempt salaried employees (when they should have been non-exempt hourly rate employees under law), discrimination, hostile work environment (e.g., sexual harassment), and wrongful termination.


Whether it is an automobile, truck, motorcycle, bicycle of pedestrian accident or dog bite or slip and fall matter, we represent seriously injured plaintiffs in seeking compensation from liability insurance companies.  

We help our clients get the care and treatment they need to properly document their losses and get the maximum settlement or award possible.

Seeking Compensation from Liability Insurance Companies for Injuries, Emotional Distress, and Lost Wages Caused by the Negligence of Their Insureds.


Commercial Debt Collection Matters.

The firm is well-versed in all manner of debt collection and money judgment enforcement, including provisional remedies (e.g., receiverships, writs of attachment). Other firms will win a money judgment and consider themselves done with the case, without collecting a dime thereon. That's because a small minority of attorneys have a working knowledge of available money judgment enforcement techniques and options, including obtaining court orders appointing receivers in aid of execution to facilitate discovery of hidden assets and satisfaction of money judgments, obtaining a sheriff's execution sale of assets of judgment debtors, obtaining court orders charging a debtor's interests in partnerships and limited liability companies, and levying on bank accounts. 


Litigation of All Manner of Disputes Relating to Real Property.

The firm has a wide breath of experience in all manner of real estate-related legal issues, including acquisitions/sales, leasing, easements, landlord-tenant and real-estate secured financing. Among other things, we routinely prepare high-quality, customized loan and guaranty related documents, including promissory notes, deeds of trust, guaranty agreements, etc. and provide title review services for our clients. Our loan documents are utilized by some of the best known, most respected financial institutions in the nation and are reliable and tailored for each project.

In addition to transactional services, the firm litigates all manner of disputes concerning real property. Such disputes include for instance those arising from the purchase and sale of property, defaulted loans secured by real property (judicial foreclosure, for example), neighbor boundary and nuisance disputes, and/or disputes between co-owners of real estate.

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