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  • What areas of law does BLC focus on?
    The firm offers litigation (dispute resolution) and/or transactional (documentation of transactions) services, throughout the State of California, in the following practice areas: Real estate (e.g. purchase and sale transactions and disputes concerning purchase and sale of commercial and residential real property) Finance and lending (e.g., commercial loan documentation; short sales) Collections of commercial AR and other monetary disputes (e.g., contractual breach) Labor & employment matters (e.g., wage and hour; unlawful termination; discrimination; sexual harassment) Personal Injury, including auto, truck, motorcycle and bicycle accidents, slip and fall and premises liability cases, and dog bite matters Call us for a free consultation to evaluate your matter.
  • How does BLC charge for its services?
    BLC offers a host of traditional and non-traditional (creative) billing options. These include: Hourly rate billing Contingency matters: BLC only collects a fee if and when it successfully recovers on your affirmative claim(s) against adverse party(ies). Hybrid billing: A combination of reduced-rate hourly billing + a potential additional recovery to BLC of fees if and when BLC successfully recovers on your affirmative claim(s) against adverse party(ies). Monthly billing: A flat, agreed-upon monthly, flat rate billing structure until your matters is resolved. Flat rate billing: A mutually agreed-upon flat rate for the entire scope of our services. Contingency representation is subject to BLC underwriting of the nature of your claim and the likelihood of you prevailing and collection thereon. It is only available for affirmative claims asserted by you and is not, therefore, available for pure defensive matters.
  • How does BLC treat litigation expenses?
    Typically, and unless agreed upon in writing otherwise, all costs and expenses associated with your litigation matter are billed either directly to you by BLC's service providers or, alternatively, are advanced by BLC (in agreed-upon, not to exceed sums) and billed to you by the firm. You will be required to reimburse the firm for all sums advanced by it in connection with the firm's representation of your matter. In certain cases, you may be able to recover these out-of-pocket expenses from the adverse party; but this is subject to law and contractual agreements. For example, you may be entitled to recover your lawsuit filing fee if you prevail on your claim.
  • What is a legal fee versus a legal cost?
    A legal fee is an attorney or law firm's compensation for providing legal services. It may take the form of an hourly rate (e.g., 3.5 hours x $X/hour), a flat fee ($Y for X service), a contingency fee (a percentage of the final gross recovery from teh adverse party, whether by judgment, settlement or otherwise), a monthly flat rate ($Z per month for all necessary and apprporiate services), or some more creative combination or hybrid structure of two or more of the foregoing. A legal cost or expense, on the other hand, is a charge incurred on your behalf in connection with your legal matter which charge does not constitute a profit to the firm. These include, without limitation, things like: Court filing fees (e.g., to file your complaint and initiate a civil action; motion filing fees) Attorney service fees: third-party vendors that provide filing, delivery, and other such services to the firm in furtherance of your matter Copy costs for large print jobs (exceeding 200 pages (e.g., production of large quantities of documents in your litigation matter)) Expert witness fees: Fees charged to the firm by a retained expert witness who will testify on your behalf in your civil litigation matter.
  • Where is BLC located?
    he firm is located directly across the street (south side of Constellation Blvd.) from Westfield Century City Shopping Mall in the Century City neighborhood of Los Angeles, Calfiornia. The building is named Constellation Plaza and is sometimes referred to as the ICM Partners Building. Our office address is 10250 Constellation Blvd., Suite 100, Los Angeles, California 90067. The office switchboard telephone number is (310) 203-2650. NOTE: The firm does not validate parking in the building but there is relatively inexpensive parking options located close by. Please read parking signs and park at your own risk.
  • Does BLC offer free of charge, initial legal consultations?"
    Yes. Please call us and make an appointment for a free 30 minute legal consultation with one of our attorneys. During the consultation, we can briefly discuss your matter and answer some of your questions. Such consultations are typically much more effective if you bring documentary evidence concerning your matter for our consideration. The consultation is free of charge and completely confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege (i.e., we are forbidden by law and ethical considerations from disclosing to third-parties facts and allegations you share with us during your consultation, even if we are not ultimately retained to represent you). This encourages you to speak openly and honestly with us, with complete candor, concerning your legal issue(s). All such consultations are by appointment only and we ask that you arrive on time and give us at least 3 hours advance notice if you need to cancel your appointment for any reason.
  • How do clients hire BLC to represent them?
    In order to retain our services, we must first obtain the signature(s) of all clients we are being asked to represent on the firm's written engagement agreement. Without this step, the firm has not agreed to represent you. The engagement agreement spells out the terms and conditions of the engagement, including the fee structure and scope of work we have agreed to take on. In some cases, the engagement agreement may require the payment of a retainer amount as a condition to us accepting the representation.
  • Does BLC pay referral fees?
    It depends. We are forbidden by law from paying legal referral fees to anyone other than a licensed attorney. That being said, where permitted by applicable law, the firm is ready, willing and glad to pay referral fees between 15%-20%, subject to written client disclosure and approval. Please inquire for details.
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