Asset Protection Legal Services


Assets are challenging to accumulate but easy to lose.


Protect your home, cash, accounts, the equity in your real estate holdings

and other valuables from overzealous attorneys

looking to make a quick buck at your expense.


In the arena of asset protection planning, your best defense is an early and creative offense.

Competent legal counsel with experience in financial litigation can provide invaluable resources and insight.

Your biggest enemy is late planning, after you already find yourself in danger of entry of a money judgment.

Done right, asset protection services can easily save you millions of dollars and render you an unattractive target for a lawsuit.


Beware the Voidable Transactions Act


When retaining the services of an asset protection lawyer, it is imperative that your attorney thoroughly  understand the intricacies of the Act. 

Under the Act, certain transfers made in advance of civil liability for asset protection purposes may subsequently be unwound by a court so as to make the assets available for creditor claim enforcement.  

Rather than protecting your assets, a failure to appreciate the risks and pitfalls of the Act may give rise to a false sense of security and even wasted resources that ultimate result in catastrophic plan failure.


Certain professions give rise to high litigation risk and a heightened need for asset protection planning.


Physicians, particularly OBGYNs and plastic surgeons, accountants, architects and real estate agents are at high risk of being named as a defendant in a civil action seeking hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in damages.


The sooner you take action, the more likely it is that your planning tactics will pass subsequent scrutiny.  The closer the proximity in time between your planning maneuvers and you being put on notice of a possible claim against you, the higher the risk of failure and losses.

Early action is key.


An experienced asset protection attorney can offer invaluable legal strategies to protect your valuable assets.  Whether it is accounts, real property, jewels, fine art, or virtually any asset class, lawful strategies are available to protect those assets.

You owe it to yourself and your family to learn about and take advantage of these tools before an unwelcome surprise.


Smart clients take action early.

Don't play Russian Roulette.  Call Now.

We get to know our clients' financial situations on a deep level before taking any action.  We interview clients, review tax returns and financial statements, contract and analyze their creditor-debtor relationships. Often, we also meet with CPAs, estate planning attorneys, and financial advisors.

Only after we have a working knowledge of each clients' assets, liabilities, interests and concerns, we formulate a detailed, specific asset protection strategy, which clients are encouraged to run by their tax advisors first.

Once approved, we take action to implement the plan, protecting your hard earned assets from third-party attack.


Even for clients already at risk of litigation, we are sometimes able to formulate legal strategies to slow down creditors and perhaps make them more receptive to settlement.

It the world of litigation, the name of the game is leverage.

A good asset protection strategy gives you the negotiating leverage you need to settle a case before it spins out of control.

Difficult to reach assets, force creditors to think twice before wasting time, resources and energy on asserting legal claims.  More importantly, plaintiffs' legal counsel is often reticent to take cases on contingency when assets are unavailable from which to collect.


Don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

If you own a small business or are in a high litigation risk profession, wisdom dictates an ounce of prevention.  Call now.

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